Acceptance - Awareness - Inclusion

Lusk has been selected to become one of the next Autism Friendly Towns under the AsIam initiative.

Inspired by other Autism Friendly towns locally and across Ireland our team is a mix of parents, some who have children on the Autism Spectrum and other volunteers who are advocates for change and inclusivity.

In order to acquire this designation Lusk must go through a robust accreditation process. It has to engage and train 25% of businesses and voluntary organisations, train 50% of public services, 50% of school communities, 50% of healthcare professionals, 3 employers and reach and engage 25% of our village's population and develop a three-year Autism Friendly town plan.

The Autism Friendly organisations in Lusk are accredited “Autism Friendly Champions”. These organisations will display a sticker on the entrance of their premises to sign post they are champions. They will also display the Service Dog Friendly sticker to signal that they welcome service dogs on their premises.

Our Mission Statement

Join us our our vision to make Lusk an Autism friendly community.

  • Improve awareness of autism with a view to greater acceptance of autism amongst the general public in Lusk.

  • Make it easier for the autistic community to live and work in Lusk.

  • Make it easier for the autistic community to visit Lusk.

  • Seek to combat the stigma around autism and recognise the diverse experience of those with the condition.

  • Give an autistic perspective to organisations that seek support

  • Be an example for other towns and villages in Ireland

  • Increase employment opportunities for autistic people in Lusk

Local Business supporting our Autism Friendly Town

Here is our growing list of local business and groups supporting us in making Lusk Autism friendly. If you want to be mentioned please use the "contact us" link in our menu.

We're looking for business across Lusk to become Autism friendly and train champions with As I Am. If you are interested please contact us
Coming soon, our list of local sports and activity groups in Lusk who are Autism Friendly.
Take a look at our social stories based around Lusk Village
We would love you to help out on our journey to make Lusk Autism Friendly.